Accelerated Time Compression is a function of a series of targeted Personal Evolution, and every such cycle leads to saving decades! 

A&H WiSH helps you experience certain things in your life-changing immediately.

Below is a Self Assessment of the Consequences in your Life, especially in the recent past.

Be sure to be in the right state of mind when you are filling this report. You are also giving feedback to your unconscious as you fill this report. So – it’s important to be accurate – not over critical or over flowery!

Set aside at least 20 minutes of time to go over the following most important aspects of your life.

We are in it, to Evolve your Personal Genius. So, this is a good time to reflect on the days that have gone by since your previous WiSH implementation. What have you been doing, go over it week by week in your head.

“The unit of intelligence lies in identifying differences” – Gregory Bateson

W!SH Life Report

However small or big it is. Go ahead and list it. Your unconscious would love to know that you consciously recognize the good stuff! Even small things - go ahead and mention it.