Boost Your Metabolism Without Dieting

Get to the Peak of Your Vitality

"7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program"

Stop Binge Eating And Emotional Eating

With absolutely NO diet plans, NO food restrictions or NO exercise

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You think "Cravings" can lead to a Disease, 

Reality is, "Craving" Is the Dis-ease!! and

It Can be CORRECTED!!! :)

Are you tired of being caught in the diet-binge cycle? You may have tried different diet programs, but found that the changes don't last. It's because these sudden changes in eating habits conflict with your internal patterns, causing you to fall back into old habits.

But there is a better way to correct your cravings: by listening to your body intuition.

In our 7 Day Program, we teach you exactly how to develop this Superior Capability and put it on auto-pilot forever!

Have you ever noticed, when you're emotionally low, stressed, or overwhelmed, you crave unhealthy food, but when you're calm and content, you naturally choose healthy options?

When one starts working out, they naturally start eating healthy and stop craving for the junk food. Similarly, when people correct their sleep cycle, their eating habits, naturally change. By interrupting certain internal patterns, your body naturally starts guiding you towards the right food choices.

I first noticed this phenomenon of external changes in human behaviour, when something in the body changed internally, when working with Phani Kumar, who was diagnosed with C5 Paralysis, a condition that left him unable to move any part of his body below the shoulders. I had previously helped people quit smoking, sleep better, remember lyrics, and get fit, but I had no experience working with paralysis. However, Phani's request for help, motivated me to find a solution.

I looked for,

"What Is Happening that Should NOT Happen

What Is Not Happening that Has TO Happen?"

I reached out to experts in neuroscience and NLP, including John Grinder. John Grinder, the creator of NLP, offered to personally mentor me if I was willing to work with Phani. This was a rare opportunity for me, and I spent six months preparing to work with Phani, focusing specifically on the concept of "Plasticity"

Plasticity refers to the brain's ability to perform the function of a damaged part, as well as the functions of the rest of the brain, and this applies not only to the brain, but also to the entire nervous system.

For Phani Kumar one nerve was cut, which meant the other nerves have to perform the function of the nerve which is cut, for him to regain body movements. His nervous system has to develop Plasticity. 

While working on the assignments given by John Grinder which focused on developing very sharp sensory acuities, I started developing peripheral vision, started to notice skin colour changes, pulse, minute changes and movements in breathing. 

Once I felt ready to work with Phani Kumar, I visited him. When someone is paralyzed, they have a condition, where things move by themselves, it's not a controlled movement, it's spasm. But I noticed, even if there were spasms, there was a completely different set of movements in his toes with very very minor distinctions and very distinct from spasm.

It’s when I realized, Plasticity was already happening and Phani was able to move his toes. Just that he didn't know it yet, nor did his family or doctors know it. 

That’s when I trained his unconscious to repeat the same movements in the toe again and again for next 2 hours. What happened after 2 hours, is the minor movements in the toe became exaggerated and clearly visible to Phani Kumar and his family.

The stories of plasticity I had shared with him encouraged his unconscious mind to try what is happening. As he was doing that, he started getting movements, but, he didn't know it until I brought to his attention. So, what I did was to act as the feedback loop, where I showed him the movements and told him, now that it's moving, keep doing it again and again.

That’s it! I did one intervention, did the same thing the next day and then I disappeared. 

Now, he was equipped with Superior Capabilities for his own recovery! 

I taught him and his family the distinction between the spasms and controlled movements and asked them to persist with the movements. 

In a weeks’ time his physiotherapy was changed from passive to active, doctors were surprised seeing the movements, and thought, maybe it wasn't a complete C5 and started working on him more actively. Within 2-3 months’ time he had gained movements all over his body.

Having worked with Phani Kumar and thousands of other medical cases, we recognize a lot of external behaviour including the Cravings that people have is actually a pattern in the body, not just in the mind, and when something changes in the body internally, it results in certain external changes as well.

I remember I was shocked! while working with a close friend of mine who had Thyroid. When I started studying what really happens in Thyroid, I was shocked to know that in medical science they currently give tablets to balance the thyroid levels, but they do NOTHING to stop the thyroid gland being attacked by your immune cells, which destroys it slowly. 

Can you believe what this means?

It was shocking that 95% of the people who have thyroid, have autoimmune, and for fact, they are attacking the Thyroid gland. For a lot of others, they are also attacking other organs in the body. And there's nothing that medical science can do about it.

We have helped people live a healthy lifestyle by changing their unconscious patterns to get a good intuition of what to eat, to sleep well, to overcome emotional challenges. So we took this as an experiment, to see if we can correct the body's fight against itself?

And Guess Whatttt!!!

When she took the tests one month later, three months later, six months later, one year later, two years later, what we found is, not only the thyroid levels were in balance, but the autoimmune condition also corrected. 

It was that moment when I realized, as long as she had thyroid, she struggled with eating right. She struggled with energy to work out, although she was taking thyroid supplements regularly.

As her thyroid levels came in balance and autoimmune conditions corrected, she naturally started eating right, working out, having good quality sleep and high energy levels. 

So, there's a lot more going in the body than what it feels like, and often, not being able to do something about it, is the condition itself!

A lot of time, binge eating and not working out, lazing around, are all like that. It's kind of sabotaging your own peak performance that you can get to, your own peak health and vitality that you can get to.

We can correct the levels in the blood with the medicine, but a lot of people who have thyroid, say they still feel low on energy and lazy even when they're taking the medication. It clearly means, there is often more things going in the body, than what can be detected by current medical instruments.

But it's your body, you can feel it, you can notice the difference.

7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program
Gets you to Notice the Differences, you Desire to Notice with your Metabolism!

We are not claiming to reverse thyroid or diabetes, but what we do know is we can get people to take action at a very deep level, stay on it and get results that most people struggle with.

We could do it with someone who was paralyzed to continuously workout for hours together with just tiny movements and fingers until he got back his full movement.

Making the corrections so that you stop eating junk, stop overeating and emotionally feel good to eat right is a much simpler thing. We deal with it at the autonomous level where the cravings and urges emerge from. 

All these cravings and urges are created by biochemical responses in the body. Once the cravings and urges are created, you can at best control or delay your response to it. But with RECONDITIONING and by working at the level of autonomous systems, you can RE- ENGINEER and RECONDITION your involuntary systems to NOT create those Cravings in the first place. Instead you find yourself having a new Craving for healthy food.

How you would feel when you look at the food that is 

The Right Food For You at the Right Time, and it

Feels the Tastiest and the Most Inviting

When people have access to this path-breaking and truly disruptive technology of Installing Excellence in Human,

It can have a cascading effect of excellence on all aspects of life:

Business, Health, Family, and Legacy (Impact)

All together. Simultaneously.

As I embraced this Epiphany Moment, I realized we had to take uP! this responsibility of helping everyone experience Excellence in their life.

So, I sat down with our A&H Experts & Team members – and together, we innovated our Methods to Bring this to you at a Fraction of a Cost even though this isn’t our main gig. And so, I bring to you: 

7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program

Stop Fighting Cravings

Get to Peak Energy & Vitality in Record-Time

No more should you or any of your loved ones have to languish in pain, endure or struggle with anything less than optimal. Save 10,000 hours in trying & Trying & TRYING to get to your Peak! Leverage a well-established, cutting-edge, scientifically-proven and futuristic technology to get the Most Pivotal Shift in your life, instantly!


to Get into Peak Health & Peak Vitality 

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7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program


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Here's What you get with

7 Day Sup!r Metabolism Program

1. The Assessment 

When you JOIN the Program, you will be filling up the Assessment Questionnaire and form designed to allow us to evaluate professionally "where are you" before embarking on this journey with us.

2. Daily Videos to Rewire Unconscious Patterns

Through the 7 Day program, you will receive a power packed content every day to ‘Install’ Excellence and upgrade unconscious strategies & internal patterns, specifically curated to help you overcome the desire and the urge to overeat, to make the capabilities INNATE and on AUTO-PILOT so that you thrive in your eco-system. 

3. Solar Voice Podcasts Personalized to your 7 Day Program

Solar Voice is a podcast series by the wizard of personal change, Antano Solar John where he explains in simple terms the methods and attitude for creating change in self that lasts. It brings to you a magical experience that is transformative. Solar Voice podcast has a different Installation Impact each time, based on the on-going life contexts of the listener.

Our team will curate the podcast personalized to your needs to Boost your metabolism.

"What happens to your life, when you experience Pivotal Shifts that propel you towards Raising the Bar of Excellence in Health & Vitality?"

The inconveniences that you face today may either be Glaring - Apparent & Obvious. Or It may be Invisible - tucked away in your eating habits,  sleeping habits, micro-patterns in relationships, and in over 100 different areas of your life.

These invisible speed-barriers & inconveniences stop you from reaching the Peak of Your Learning, Performance, and Mastery. What’s worse, these can remain unnoticed and unsolved for decades. 

And this is the real challenge when trying to find your way to Peak Energy & Peak Vitality 

  • Almost 99% of the time, someone’s self-diagnosis of why a problem exists is INACCURATE! One may believe that they lack motivation, but in reality, something going amiss in their relationship might actually keep them from being a high-performer!
  • Awareness without Capability Acceleration is a very slow process of change – Knowing that you need to change something (AWARENESS) and being able to actually implement these changes (CAPABILITY) are two very different things! 

How many times you or someone you know is aware that they: 

  • Shouldn’t get angry
  • Shouldn’t get irritated
  • Shouldn’t be dependent on alcohol or other substances 
  • Should openly and freely talk to important people in life 
  • Shouldn’t feel overwhelmed to achieve desired life outcomes 
  • Shouldn’t overlook their health, passion or vitality for work
  • Should be able to get creative on-demand instead of wait for that random moment of creativity & flow

And yet, it almost never happens on its own! Think of any New Year Resolution that you made which lasted for more than a week or a month at best, and you would know how difficult it is for anyone to truly change from within!

And thus, what’s needed for SuP!r Metabolism & Peak Vitality is: 

  • Real Time, Strategy Implementation by Building Innate Capabilities – where you don’t have to ‘try with all your might, with every shred of strength in your body’ to implement these changes. Instead, with capability development, the changes will become innate and natural. It’s evolving you at the core, so that you automatically and naturally have new choices, new behaviours, new outcomes in the same situations.

And with our experience in the past, we know by helping people with only one Breakthrough Capability Development, can completely change their life trajectory!

The Most Cutting-Edge Technology To Install Superior Capabilities and Change Life Trajectories of Humans

Harini & I created Excellence Installations Technology to help people Evolve from within with Real Breakthroughs that are scientifically proven, permanent and sustained over time!

But never in our lives would we imagine that Excellence Installations will become this revolution, with Game-Changers from every domain becoming its Early Adopters! 


Scientifically-Validated Breakthroughs Delivered 


Families and over 1 Lac Relationships Evolved


Money Generated for

A&H Community

Whether the Cravings you have currently are

Uncontrollable or Invisible,

Excellence Installations led 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program will get you to the Peak Vitality, 10X Faster, without any Dieting!

Who Needs 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
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  • Intrapreneurs
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  • Athletes
  • Parents
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Here's My Crazy Guarantee...

7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program

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'7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program'

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Boost Your Metabolism Without Dieting!

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With 50,000+ unique & scientifically-validated breakthroughs, ‘Antano & Harini’ is the World’s Largest One-on-One Mentoring Platform. They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more. For their work in changing the Trajectory of Humans with their proprietary technology for human excellence, Antano & Harini received the “Award of Honour” from the Government of India, Ministry of Social Empowerment & Justice. 

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This isn't one of them.

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Well, there is actually a reason...

  • It's the right thing to do. I'm not happy, looking at people throwing out transformation programs without any real results to back it up. I think 99% of what is delivered in transformational program is complete garbage... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to help you EXPERIENCE REAL CHANGE, give you clarity and help you discover Life Changing truth about yourself... :)

We believe that Evolving Excellence has to be a Birthright for everyone! And no matter where you are in life, there is always the next level of Excellence..

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Let Me Show You EVERYTHING you get with '7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program' NOW!

  • The Assessment

(Rs 1,000 Value)

  • Daily Videos to Rewire Unconscious Patterns

(Rs 100,000 Value)

  • Solar Voice Podcasts Personalized to your 7 Day Program


  • Bonus 1: ATC Thinking video

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  • Bonus 2: Installation, Insights & Information E-book

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  • Bonus 3: Sowing the Seeds of Abundance – Audio

(Rs 18,500 Value)

  • Bonus 4: Excellence Multiplier – Audio

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Boost Your Metabolism

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Excellence Installations

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