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Excellence Installation is your Definitive Solution to Change your Financial Trajectory, your Health, Business/Career, Relationships, and Launch your Legacy within 2-3 Years, not 10-20.

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Excellence Installations for Entrepreneurs

Hey Entrepreneurs! Sometime’s it can feel that the world is on your shoulder! And these are times when a pivot, or getting past a plateau is the hardest and you’ve got to be your personal best, in your most creative, capable, charming, fast-learning, attractive, positive self - to be able to rise and grow fast - not be stuck or stretched in these times.

Your Personal Excellence and Context-Specific Capability Development is the investment that will help you give your best to your business and grow multifold, most importantly, save Years!

Depending on your unique situations in life right now,

You have:

  • A&H CTD for Entrepreneurs (one on diagnostics + implementation) + complimentary access to live 2-day CTD event
  • A&H Fast Track membership (2 year membership program that comprises of personalised diagnostics, implementations, access to Live Installations events by Antano & Harini directly in-person as well as one-on-one Expanding Horizons consultations with Antano & Harini, when it’s the right time, during your membership journey)

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Excellence Installation For Entrepreneurs

Excellence Installations for Families

Families that evolve together, grow blissfully for generations. And A&H events are the only events in the world that have so many families come together. There are families where 16 family members come to the events together, because they prioritise Family Evolution together, as these are a million times more precious than even going on a vacation together….


Here, your relationships deepen, differences resolved, and you are each understanding each other so much more….. You’re able to be there for each other unconditionally, with all your heart, with moments and moments and moments of joy and understanding - ZERO HELPLESSNESS!

Your investment together as a Family in yourselves with Excellence Installations is the fastest and most definitive way to infinite joy, support, love and depth as you find yourselves each individually growing fast in your business, health, together as a family, creating your Legacy in compressed time.

You have:

  • uP! For Families
  • A&H Light for Families
  • A&H WiSH for Families
  • A&H Fast Track Membership for Families


Excellence Installation For Families

Excellence Installation for those of you who can’t attend any in-person Event with A&H in early 2023

If you are an NRI or just in a situation where you cannot attend any in-person Event with A&H in 2023, we still don’t want you to lose out on the opportunity to Accelerate your Success and Save Years.

Did you know that these 100% online delivered programs are such hits, that they always sell like hot cakes, even though we have not even had a formal launch of any these programs! However, we have limited capacity. So these are likely to sell out quicker than the in-person options above. Our personal recommendation is to go for the In-person options, but if you cannot, than there is nothing faster and more efficient in the world that Immediate, Targeted, Personalised Capability Development Installations that happens with the Finest of Excellence Installation Specialists in the online-exclusive programs.

You have:

  • A&H Light

If you have find yourself in a challenging life situation, temporarily derailed or struggling to get back to your Peak, A&H Light will put you back on track. Guaranteed. And just help you get on a trajectory where you soar with ease.

  • A&H W!SH

Pick from 54 Wishes. And this comes with the GUARANTEE that what you desire, we’ll help you get that - with A&H W!SH, and you have 54 amazing wishes to pick from! W!SH Super Body, W!SH Super Communication, W!SH Personal Excellence, W!SH Super Parenting etc. and you have the Top of the rung Excellence Installation Specialists and Implementation specialists delivery beyond world-class installations - these are a huge NRI favourite - and after One W!SH, people go for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…. Because the speed and amazingness of results that people experience is almost too good to be true, yet it is!


Excellence Installation for those of you who can’t attend any in-person Event with A&H in early 2023

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