Are you Ready to Surprise Yourself & Everyone else with Superior Energy & Vitality?

Are you Ready to Surprise Yourself & Everyone else with Superior Energy & Vitality?

"7 Day SuP!r

Metabolism Program"

Naturally Overcome Binge & Emotional Eating in Just 7 Days &

SUPERCHARGE Your entire LIFE, with


Here's What People Are Saying About the 

"7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program"

You Think Cravings Can Lead to a Disease,

Reality is, "Craving is the Dis-ease!!! And

It Can be CORRECTED!!!

At this point, you may already have heard a lot or have a vague idea of what “Metabolism” truly means. Simply put, it’s an internal process with which our body spends energy and burns calories. In fact, even when we rest or sleep, this internal process is always active, building up complex molecules (for instance, proteins from amino acids) or breaking down complex molecules into simpler ones (such as carbs into glucose) and releasing energy in the process. 

Thus, the question arises! If metabolism is like any other internal process, why can’t it run smoothly on auto-pilot? Imagine achieving peak metabolism – and by its extension, peak Vitality & Healthy, and it being as simple as breathing!

Wouldn’t that be ideal? Except, there’s one thing standing in the way: CRAVINGS!

Isn’t it exhausting, the never-ending “Diet-&-Binge” Cycle? Does it sometimes feel like a tug of war, a classic “me against me” situation! Where you are trying – sincerely, with all your might and efforts, to eat healthy, to diet and exercise…

…And on days when you are able to, You feel this strong desire pulsating through your body to Conquer anything and everything standing in your way and Reach the PEAK of Your HEALTH, METABOLISM, ENERGY & VITALITY levels!

…And then, you find yourself slipping into old patterns and giving-in to the cravings, be it finishing a bag of crisps while binge-watching Netflix or giving into sugar cravings, snacking in-between and what not! Only to feel guilty, self-blame, or maybe just give up on the desire to Super-Charge your Life with Super Metabolism!


WHAT IF there was an Easier, Reliable, Proven, and Scientifically-Advanced way to Naturally & Completely overcome the CRAVINGS in a way that evolves you from within and helps you Super-Charge Your Life with Super Metabolism!

The reason why these fad programs and crash diets have not and will not work for you is because these sudden changes in eating habits conflict with your “internal” or “unconscious” patterns, causing you to fall back to old habits and comfort food.

And there is a better way to correct your cravings: by listening to your body intuition!

 In our 7 Day Program, we teach you exactly how to develop this Superior Capability and put it on auto-pilot, forever! 

I first noticed this phenomenon of “external changes in human behaviour are led by pivotal internal shifts”, when working with Phani Kumar – a young man whose life seemed to come to a standstill after he suffered a C5 Fracture due to a road accident. The Medical Condition left him unable to move any part of his body below his neck.

It was a time when Harini & I hadn’t yet ventured out, full-time, in the Business of Evolving People. Long before Harini & I formed this ambitious & daring vision of ours to make Excellence A Birth Right for the 8 Billion People across the globe, I was one of the youngest CTOs in the country. And in my leisure time, I’d help people quit smoking, sleep better, remember lyrics while performing LIVE on Prestigious Stages, and get fit naturally and consistently.

But paralysis was a different ball game altogether! However, when I received an email from a friend, telling me about the impossible condition that Phani was in and asking if there’s anything at all that I could do, I was motivated to find a solution for Phani!

I looked for: 



I looked for:




I reached out to all the experts I knew in the field of neuroscience and NLP, including John Grinder, the creator of NLP. As luck would have it – or maybe as part of some Cosmic Plan of the Universe, John offered to personally mentor me, if I was willing to personally work with Phani. This was a rare and life-changing opportunity for me, and I reorganised my life and pending commitments to spend the Next Six Months preparing to work with Phani, focusing specifically on the concept of "Plasticity".

Plasticity is the brain's ability to perform the function of a damaged part, as well as the functions of the rest of the brain, and this applies not only to the brain, but also to the entire nervous system.

For Phani, a nerve was compromised, which meant that other nerves had to learn to adapt and perform its functions, for him to regain movements in his body.

It was a joyous moment, because I finally had a plan to help Phani! In order for me to help this Young Man regain body movements and get his old life back, I had to teach his Nervous System to develop Plasticity.




With the pathway to helping Phani becoming clearer and more concrete, I started focusing on “how to develop the body's Neuro-Plasticity on-demand”. I’d share the stories of Neuro-Plasticity with Phani as well, warming him up for what was going to come next.

Simultaneously, John Grinder continued to mentor me by giving several assignments that, on the onset, appeared completely out-of-the-box or downright crazy! However, as part of doing these assignments, I developed a very sharp & Superior Capability of SENSORY ACUITY. My peripheral vision expanded, I became more perceptive of how the skin tone would change when the person experienced different emotions or became more astute of the changes in their pulse, micro nuances in the way one would breathe and so much more.

Once I felt ready to work with Phani Kumar, I visited him!

You see, when someone is paralyzed, they develop certain spasms or “subtle but uncontrolled and involuntary movements” in their body. But I noticed, alongside spasms, there was a completely different set of movements in his toes with very finer & nuanced distinctions from spasm.

It was then that I realised, Neuro-plasticity has already started to take place for Phani and he was able to move his toes. However, these movements were very feeble, few and far between, too micro to be missed by an eye that hasn’t been trained to Observe & Calibrate the way John mentored me to do.

So, do you see the Irony! Even though there were movements confirming signs of Neuro-Plasticity in-action for Phani, everyone else, including his family members, seasoned neurosurgeons and Phani himself, were oblivious to these critical signs and especially oblivious to the fact that:


You see, the stories of plasticity that I had shared with Phani had already started to educate and encourage his unconscious mind to try and find new & superior ways. As he was doing that, he started getting movements, but he didn't know it until I brought it to his attention.

In fact, our first major breakthrough was just that!

In the beginning of our work, I started training his unconscious to repeat the same movements in the toe again and again for the next 2 hours. What happened after 2 hours, is that the minor movements in the toe became exaggerated and clearly visible to Phani Kumar and his family.

In addition to training his unconscious to bring the desired movement on-demand, I also acted as the feedback loop for both, his conscious & unconscious mind. Even when I showed him the movements consciously, I instructed his unconscious mind to keep repeating what seemed to be working.

Now, Phani was equipped with the precise Internal Adjustments & Superior Capabilities he needed to recover on Auto-Pilot!

Having achieved a medical marvel with Phani Kumar and successfully turning around thousands of other such medically challenging cases, led to a unique discovery!

In helping people turnaround impossible life situations, Harini & I recognized that a lot of “External Behaviour”, including the Cravings, is actually “A Pattern in the Body”, not just in the mind. And so, to bring about any radical shift, any fundamental change in your External Behaviour, you need to change the “Internal Pattern” of the Body.

 These Principles are not just about Paralysis! In fact, most people are away from their "Optimal State of Balance" and helping people recover from Thyroid, revert it to its "Optimal State", helped in this unique Discovery! 

You see in the case of Thyroid, the current medical science can only prescribe medicines to balance the thyroid levels, but does NOTHING to Stop the thyroid gland being attacked by immune cells. 

So, we took this as an experiment, to see if we can leverage the pathbreaking power of Excellence Installations to get the Body’s Superior Mechanism of Balance, back to its optimal – such as in Thyroid?!

And Guess Whatttt!

I worked personally with my friend and other people struggling with Thyroid, designing specialised installations to help their bodies navigate back to arrive at its Super Mechanism of balance - the most optimal balance.
We took their medical tests after: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and then after 2 years. Such meticulous & data-backed research revealed that with Excellence Installations led interventions, not only Thyroid levels balanced out but also the autoimmune conditions were also corrected.

It was at that moment I realised that as long as she had Thyroid, she struggled with eating right. She struggled with low energy levels that interfered with her creative expression, artistry and performance at work, even with regular thyroid meds. This paved the way for a path-breaking epiphany!

Binge eating and not working out, not feeling energetic and just lazing around, is a lot like that! It's like self-sabotaging your own possibilities of getting to Peak Performance, Peak Health and Vitality.

You know you don’t want that.
You know you wanna
do things differently. But it’s not going to happen until you shift the internal patterns of your body.

Stop Fighting Cravings – Get to Peak Vitality & Energy in Record-Time & Naturally, with Excellence Installations!

'7 Days'
SuP!r Metabolism Program

Here's What You Get with 7 Days SuP!r Metabolism Program

  • Module 1: Prepare your Unconscious, your Neurology for an Everlasting Change!
  • Module 2: Emotional Mastery – Naturally Develop the “Superior State of Choice” to automatically overcome the urge to Binge-or-emotional eating
  • Module 3: Neurological Readiness to be in Peak Vitality & utilise it to “Integrated Life Outcomes”, i.e. accelerating in all aspects of your life: Business, Health, Family, and your Impact – All Together. Simultaneously.
  • Module 4: Overcoming the Loop of Anxiety & Worry that may keep you locked up in the loop of low energy or emotional eating
  • Module 5: Addressing the elephant in the room - identifying & correcting the Mind Voice or Inner Voice coming in the way of your SuP!r Metabolism & Peak Vitality
  • Module 6: Targeted Installations to help you Develop Body Calibration & Intuitive Habits to make healthy life choice
  • Module 7: Excellence Installations to help you Build on these changes, develop Predictive Intelligence for your own Life

Information ≠ Transformation

Let’s face it! Today, it is easy to get flooded by tons of “information” and run-off-the-mills “programs”. While there is no dearth of information, it doesn’t usually result in transformation. And in an off chance that it does, the transformation doesn’t sustain for long. 

Sup!r Metabolism Program, on the other hand, doesn’t use any Brute Force, doesn’t depend on “motivation” or “will-power” gyan and creates Pivotal Shifts in terms of your emotional, physical, and mental health. 

Handcrafted by the World’s leading Installation Wizards & Personal Evolution Scientists - Antano & Harini, is the only offering that packs in a blend of: 

  • “INTERNAL CHANGES” – that gets you to feel different about your body, your eating patterns, and the whole set of emotions that you go through on a daily basis, pertaining to your health, vitality levels and eating habits! 

  • “EXTERNAL CHANGES” – changes that you can “see” and validate for yourself! And no, we are not just talking about inch-loss or weight loss! But the most superior and amazing Life Outcomes that you can create when you get to the PEAK of your Vitality & Health! 

The modules in the Sup!r Metabolism Program have been designed in a way that you naturally and effortlessly develop:

 Neurological Readiness: Embrace New & Empowering Patterns  

  • Overcome any “internal, invisible conflicts”, that you may or may not be aware of, and get to the Peak of your Vitality!
  • Develop the Innate Mindset necessary for building the Predictive Intelligence you need in getting to Peak Vitality & Sustaining it
  • A complete & clean reset from the past experiences – weeding out primitive patterns that kept you stuck in the Diet-&-Binge cycle so far and instead, create New Neural Cortical Pathways for peak vitality and integrated life outcomes
  • Get clarity & become certain about the life you will create – in terms of your finances, health, wellbeing, relationships, intimacy and joy, once you Get to the Peak of your Vitality!

 Emotional Mastery for Comfort, Joy & Fulfilment  

  • Overcome the loop of Anxiety & Worry related to health & vitality
  • Take a Deep Dive to identify and correct your own “limiting” or “self-sabotaging” Mind Voice, to Break-Free from this vicious loop!
  • Taste the ultimate FREEDOM when you are no longer dependent on Food to feel good or each time you feel emotional or bored etc.!
  • Derive the most flavoursome joy & fulfilment and deep nourishment from the food that you consume – without any special diets or supplements

 Body Calibration & Body Intuition - As Per Your Unique Body!  

  • A Brand New & Empowering Relationship with your Body – Because your body is unique and worthy of more than a “one-size-fits-all” approach!
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your own body – from a deep & intuitive space – and filter out any limiting pattern, mindset, belief that you may have picked from your environment that is not validated by your own body!
  • Develop the Superior Capability to “Discern & Filter Out” at an Unconscious Level; decipher what is Good & what is Bad for your unique body, not as theory but from a deep unconscious & intuitive space
  • Begin to notice the micro shifts that create B!G Impact in your Health & Vitality. Get the Wisdom to accurately measure changes in your energy levels, health, and more!
  • Develop intuitive eating habits as you continue to be in a blissful harmonious state, to identify and respond to what your body is communicating!
  • Expanding your scope & understanding about your mind, body connection and how correcting one of it leads you to create integrated life outcomes

 Peak Vitality – And then a lot more!  

  • Excellence Installation to get your body’s metabolism & internal mechanisms back to its most natural, healthy, and optimal levels!
  • Upgraded Unconscious Strategies, Capabilities, Mindset & Beliefs you need to get to your Peak Vitality, sustain it on auto-pilot for life, and leverage that to create B!G Impact in your life!
  • People, in the past, have successfully reversed lifestyle disorders and diseases like Diabetes & Thyroid. In addition to reviving your relationship with your body, developing emotional mastery, and your unique body calibration & intuition, give yourself the chance to correct lifestyle disorders or other health conditions.
Customers served! 100 + Scientifically-Validated Breakthroughs Delivered
Customers served! 100 + Family relationships & over 2500 Families Evolved
Customers served! 100 + Impossible Situation Solved for A&H Community

As You Can See...

 The Sup!r Metabolism Program with Antano & Harini has already helped countless people revitalise their metabolism and Get to Their Peak Vitality & Health!

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


to Get into Peak Energy, Vitality & Health

This is a specialised Excellence Installations-led Do-It-Yourself Program, to help you naturally and effortlessly overcome binge-or-emotional eating and get to your Peak Energy Levels, Vitality & Health!

And while you take giant leaps towards Peak Health & Vitality, the Sup!r Metabolism Program also instals in you the Superior Capabilities of Body Intuition & Calibration, Intuitive Eating Patterns as per your unique body, and Unconscious Filtering to retain the nourishment while rejecting the junk, amongst many more

All the changes are sustained for life! And yet, you are also entitled to a Money Back Guarantee. Because we wish to make it extremely easy for you to taste the power of Excellence Installations and Get to Peak of your Vitality & Health!

So, go ahead and Reserve yourself a Priority Access to this life-changing program!

This single decision has helped countless people save crucial years of their lives in being stuck in a diet-and-binge cycle or less than optimal energy levels and instead, get to their Peak Vitality Levels and leverage this Innate Momentum to Accelerate in all aspects of life!

Who Needs 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Medical Doctors
  • All the 'Bingers' & 'Night Owls'
  • Parents
  • Home-Makers
  • Corporate Professionals
  • Artists & Creative Mavericks
  • Aspiring Game-Changers

Whether the Cravings you have currently are Uncontrollable or Invisible,Excellence Installations led 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program will get you to the Peak Vitality, 10X Faster, without any Dieting!

'7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program'
Get to Peak Vitality & Energy in Record-Time & Naturally, with Excellence Installations!

The Most Cutting-Edge Technology To Install Superior Capabilities and Change Life Trajectories of Humans

Harini & I created Excellence Installations Technology to help people Evolve from within with Real Breakthroughs that are scientifically proven, permanent and sustained over time!

But never in our lives would we imagine that Excellence Installations will become this revolution, with Game-Changers from every domain becoming its Early Adopters! 

Here's My Crazy Guarantee...

7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program

When you experience DIY 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program, the Pivotal Shift is assured! We not only boast 100% successful results, we are going one step further. It means that if, for any reason, you don’t notice much significant difference,  just tell me so, and we'll refund your money, while you still enjoy FREE access to all these amazing Bonuses!

So, CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW to grab your access now! You won't regret it.

"7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program"

Get to Peak Vitality & Energy in Record-Time & Naturally, with Excellence Installations!


to make THE ONE change that will have a Cascading Effect of Excellence in your Life

Get These Free Bonuses!

When you Buy 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program

Bonus #1 - Deep Sleep - Video

Break through the web of sugar or junk cravings & lack of sleep, easily!

Total Value: Rs 23,500/-

Low energy levels, sugar or junk food cravings and lack of sleep are all interlinked! But somewhere, you already knew that, didn’t you?

Now, imagine falling asleep, like a baby, without any effort, exhaustion, or substances, and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, all set to embrace the day ahead of you!

A&H Deep Sleep Video will teach you how to program your own mind to fall asleep easily and enjoy one of the most meditative and revitalising sleeps, each night, every night!

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Bonus #2 - Positional Advantage

Get Ready for the Great Unknown

Total Value: Rs 1,495/-

When you’re not spending so much time binge or emotional eating, and when you have newfound energy and zeal, what are you going to do with all the additional time?

Sure, you can use this time to connect with your friends and family better. To plan get-togethers and hangouts! And you can also utilise this time to gain Positional Advantage in life!

This eBook, authored by Antano Solar John, is packed with the installations, information, and insights you need to make strategic moves in life – in a way that you are best positioned for the next big break, the next big breakthrough, to get to the next B!G League in your life!

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Bonus #3 - Sowing the Seeds of Abundance - Audio

Take the impact of Installations to other Areas of Your Life

Total Value: Rs 18,500/-

Handcrafted with care for your Unconscious Mind! Antano & Harini takes you on a never-before deep meditative & immersive experience to MULTIPLY the Impact. Your Impact. The wonders that you have already accomplished. And then, the Impact of Stacked Installations & Deep Unconscious work that you experience at the 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program!

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Bonus #4 - Excellence Multiplier - Audio

Deep Trance by Antano & Harini for Accelerating Excellence!

Total Value: Rs 30,000/-

How wonderful will it be, when the excellence that you experience in one aspect of your life, transcends and spreads across each & every aspect of your life. While Excellence Installations already have a generative impact on everyone, here's an extra special audio for you to multiply the impact of excellence installations that you experience and accelerate it spreading to each and every siginificant aspect of your life.

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"7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program" NOW! 

Bonus #5 - 15 Day Access to the Revolutionary - B!G Documentary

Character Mapping & Evolution With EIT


For the first time, SMP Participants will get a limited and one-time access to the revolutionary B!G Documentary. This Netflix-styled Docu-series makes the fascinating & disruptive world of Excellence Installations more accessible and easier to understand for everyone.

Until now, we only did a soft launch of the Docu-Series for the A&H Community Members. And they reported back saying that the docu-series had a life-changing impact on them, where they gained significant insights and wisdom to evolve not only themselves but their family members and loved ones. Here’s your chance to experience the same delight & wonder, by getting a FREE one-time and limited access to the first documentary from the revolutionary Docu-series.

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"7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program" NOW! 

This is a Do-It-Yourself Online program enabled with Excellence Installations.

Like I mentioned before, this experience is Life Changing. All I ask is that you reserve your slot and experience this from anywhere in the world!

Now, I know what you're probably thinking.

Here’s our You’re Crazy Guarantee! 

With 50,000+ unique & scientifically-validated breakthroughs, ‘Antano & Harini’ is the World’s Largest One-on-One Mentoring Platform. They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more. For their work in changing the Trajectory of Humans with their proprietary technology for human excellence, Antano & Harini received the “Award of Honour” from the Government of India, Ministry of Social Empowerment & Justice. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for cheap, but then waste your time with garbage that doesn't work. 

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there is actually a reason...

  • It's the right thing to do. I'm not happy, looking at people throwing out transformation programs without any real results to back it up. I think 99% of what is delivered in transformational program is complete garbage... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to help you EXPERIENCE REAL CHANGE, give you clarity and help you discover Life Changing truth about yourself... :)
  • We believe that Evolving Excellence has to be a Birthright for everyone! And no matter where you are in life, there is always the next level of Excellence..

    Time Is Of The Essence...

    Here is my

    PERSONAL Guarantee

    I 100% guarantee that you will love the Excellence Installations experience, or I'll return your FULL INVESTMENT and let you keep the TRANSFORMATION anyway.

    That's right. You can even keep all the bonus. Just email [email protected] or call our Toll Free 1800 3000 2909 on your receipt and I'll give you back your money.

    DIY Excellence Installations

    To Make the Most Pivotal Shift in Your Life!

    This is a Do-It-Yourself Online program enabled with an Excellence Installations, the Single Most Pivotal Shift that you need at this juncture of your life.

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    This single decision has gotten people to accelerate the pace of their growth and evolution and reach to the optimum levels of their Physical, Mental or Emotional Wellness without wasting 10,000 hours or insurmountable efforts in trial & error! 

    Let Me Show You EVERYTHING you get with Your '7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program' NOW!

    • SMP Excellence Installations DIY Videos

    (Rs 100,000 Value)

    • Bonus 1: Deep Sleep - Video

    (Rs 23,500 Value)

    • Bonus 2: Positional Advantage - eBook

    (Rs 1,495 Value)

    • Bonus 3: Sowing the Seeds of Abundance - Audio

    (Rs 18,500 Value)

    • Bonus 4: Excellence Multiplier - Audio

    (Rs 30,000 Value)

    • Bonus 5: B!G Documentary - Video


    Total Value:

    Rs 1,73,495/-

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    INR 1,999 ONLY

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    7 Day Sup!r Metabolism Program!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy

    P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

    Here's the Deal...

    7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program GUARANTEES that you get One Pivotal Shift in terms of your mindset and innate capabilities that you need at this juncture in your life. As a direct result of this Pivotal Shift, you will get back to the Prime Of Your Health, Vitality, Creativity, Energy levels and more!

    It’s completely self-paced DIY Online Program, you can do it from the comfort of your home and achieve the desired outcomes. Any inconvenience – be it in terms of your Emotions, Energy Levels, Thoughts or Behaviors, that keeps depleting your Zeal & Vigor in life – will completely disappear as you Get to the Peak of your Health & Vitality! 

    It’s quick, easy, and the changes sustain for life! 

    As part of signing up, you will immediately receive 5 Life-Changing BONUSES to help you get started on this beautiful lifestyle of Excellence, in a jiffy!

    And currently, until the timer hits zero, you can get this special price of Rs 1,999 ONLY along with 1.75L worth of programs and bonuses. 

    And to make it easy for you GET to the NEXT level in your Life, this Excellence Installation led DIY program, comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    Through our proven & scientifically-backed methods called Excellence Installations, Antano & Harini have helped several people get over 50,000 personal breakthroughs. Antano & Harini have created this trillion-dollars’ Excellence Installations industry to change the trajectory of humans. Their disruptive technology gives people like you, access to power-packed ways to time-compress personal evolution and Fast-Track Your Unique Legacy. "

    To avail any of the wide gamut of personal evolution solutions at Antano & Harini, people otherwise pay anywhere between USD 2,000 to USD 58,000. But as a Goodwill Gesture and to realize our vision of making Excellence a birthright for the 7 billion people across the globe, you are getting A&H 7 Day SuP!r Metabolism Program at a Giveaway price of Rs 1,999 Only!


    Antano Solar John

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    7 Day SuP!rior Metabolism Program

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