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Done-for-You Excellence Installations to Boost Your Finances 

Done-for-You Excellence Installations to Boost Your Finances

Boost Your Finances at 10X Speed Over a Weekend

What You're Gonna Get:

*This Offer Is Not Available Anywhere Else*

  • Identify & Close the most significant deal of your life
  • Creativity On-Demand: Peak Performance to fast-track your success 
  • Influence the Conscious & the Unconscious Mind, effortlessly
  • Personal Evolution to Make you a Natural at Closing Deals & Creating a Win-Win for Everyone
  • Attract & Retain Top-Level Talent, Mentors, Industry stalwarts to Your Vision 
  • Communicate with ease & panache to get others sold on to your vision!
  • Inculcate the Right Virtues, Values, Character in your Kids 
  • Become Charismatic, no matter what you Gig-In-Life Is!  

Everything You Need To Double Your Income and come closer to your Legacy

Comprehensive One-On-One Diagnostics:Powered by A&H Predictive Intelligence, High-Powered Diagnostics reveals the significant deal you need to close, at this juncture of your life (Rs 1,00,000 Value)

Accelerated Time Compression: A personalized strategic ATC List of capabilities that you must develop & the exact behavior patterns & limitations that you must overcome (Rs 25,000 Value)

Fastest-In-The-World One-On-One Implementation: To help you with immediate capability building & acceleration, just over a weekend! (Rs 50,000 Value)

Meet Your Mentors, Antano & Harini - Video: 2-Days Live CTD Event, where you experience CTD Installations from Antano & Harini, to help you see & close the most significant deal of your life! (Rs 2,00,000 Value)

Total Value: Rs 3,75,000/-

OFFER: INR 12000

"This Done-For-You Program Changed My Life!"

See What Others Are Saying About

CTD Diagnostics & Implementation

"Closed 4.2 Million Dollar Deal in 3 Months"

We’ve closed over 4 million dollar worth deals. The business is doing so good and I have successfully restructured the organization while creating more time to focus on my health & hobbies!

Himanshu Singhal

"New Frontiers Beyond Imagination"

CTD Program is fantastic! I became an active part of the business, something I couldn’t even imagine before. And not just that, my health, my relationships with kids, everything improved! I wanted immediate breakthroughs and that’s exactly what I got at CTD Breakthrough Assurance!

Babita Singh

"Bagged The Right Partnerships & Collaborations"

I was struggling for months to sign up the right producer and now after CTD, I have already closed my movie deal and finalized the star cast!

Anand Kumar

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