Following are the steps to complete your application procedure:

1) Fill in the application for A&H Fast Track Membership.

2) Get on a Video interview with a Consultant from A&H Selection Committee

3) Within 4 days of finishing your interview, you will be intimated as to whether your application has been selected or not.


Important guidelines in filling in the application:

1) Please provide as much detail as possible about you, your business, your health and whichever area you want to flourish in, so we can figure out the best suitable solutions for you.

2) From the applications we receive, only a limited number of candidates are approved for membership. Our focus is to provide maximum attention and high-quality support to this select group. Hence you are requested to provide as much detail as possible, yet be concise in your answers.

3) Each answer has a maximum word limit of 300 words; please keep your answers detailed but sharp at the same time.

Tell us as candidly and in as much detail as possible. (Max. 300 Words)
Tell us as much as possible about your profession/ business and your professional/business goals. (Max. 300 Words)
Give us as much detail as possible. (Max. 300 Words)
Eg. Anger, Don’t know how to connect with people, not sleeping well, phobia of heights etc. (Max. 300 Words)