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Here is what you learn:

1st Chapter

  • How speed is a necessity (not a luxury) for disruptive business innovations. 
  • Case study: How We Built the Fastest Webinar Platform in the World in 6 Days
  • When Speed crosses a threshold, the results explode, disproportionately! Learn how 2x speed can lead to 10x results (not 2x results!). 
  • How to leverage your people (including yourself) to achieve Super-speed
  • The difference between a workaholic and an entrepreneur. And the Mindset you need to NOT be the former. 
  • How to Achieve Super-Speed, safely, ecologically and sustainably.


what people say

Jenny Martins

UI/UX Designer

One writer in particular stood out from the finalists, with a character-driven story that we just couldn't put down until we'd turned the last page. We can't wait to see what's next from [author name]!
George Parker


As I write this review, my side still hurt from laughing so much. [Book Title] delivers what so many books are missing these days... silly, feel-good fun with likeable characters I want to spend time with.
I'm definitely picking up the next in the series!