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Why is it Important to Stay Extraordinary?
Moreover, Why is it Absolutely Important to Show uP Extraordinary?

Everyone Struggles to Stay Extraordinary & More Importantly, Show uP! Extraordinary, each time, every time! 

And that’s because - Excellence is always evolving! 

It’s only a matter of time before a “Peak” turns into a “Plateau”! 

If you stay at any level for long enough, it becomes the new normal. 

But, do you have what it takes to forever be ahead of the curve? To preempt the shifts in the world around you and efficiently maneuver? To discover significant pivots and implement them ahead of time, to ensure that you have an unparalleled, unprecedented, uncontested edge over your competitors?

And most importantly – how to do this without burning out? Without compromising on your health, vitality, vigor, time for your creative pursuits, relationships, joy, and your long-term impact! 

One Superior Capability to Stay & Show uP! Extraordinary

Do You Have it?

Have you noticed how urgently we respond when it comes to upgrading certain tangible aspects of our lives?

  • When a special occasion or a festival approaches, we’re quick to buy new clothes or renovate the house - or both! 

  • A special event, and somehow we’ll squeeze in a quick trip to a nearby beauty salon!

  • Addition to the family? Let’s get that big shiny car or move to a bigger house!

But how many of us have the ability to stand in front of a mirror, look deeper & deeper within, and with all intent & purpose, discern it’s time for a self-upgrade! 

Self-Upgrade in terms of your thoughts & actions. In your attitude & skill sets. In your unconscious strategies, priorities, and resources. Most importantly, in terms of your Superior Capabilities! Superior capabilities like Emotional Mastery & Resilience, Neuroplasticity, the ability to handpick and assimilate genius traits from people in your ecosystem, and so much more! 

And what if you discover One Superior Capability at the helm of it all! Having this one Superior Capability alone will ensure that you are ahead of the curve, that you pivot ahead of time, that you Stay Extraordinary & Show uP! Extraordinary, each time, every time!

Secret Elixir to Staying Extraordinary:


The further you get to the top, the more you need the foresight, the ability to see a minimum of 3 paces ahead, and to know, with absolute certainty and precision, the changes you must make in the present, in order to continue to Stay Extraordinary & Show uP! Extraordinary, even 5 years down the line. 

This is a highly specialized skill. As it requires you to ascertain the trajectory of your own life and the trajectory of the rest of the world – starting with your immediate family, work ecosystem, and going all the way to the global shifts!

And every Visionary, Impact Creator, and Global Leader has this Ability!


One of the world’s best kept secrets is that the Best Leaders in the World Harness the power of Intuition whenever challenged with complicated decision making!

In fact, by letting intuition lead the way, they are able to sort through the clutter, the noise, and deep dive to access the most relevant data points that they need to validate their hypothesis. 

Being led by intuition, backed by distilled data is the secret that makes up highly successful Global Leaders! 

And when you come to Close The Deal Like A Pro, Antano & Harini installs in you this most-coveted and highly specialized Superior Capability of ATC Intuition – in addition to 25+ Deep Core Enhancements to equip you with the right mindset, attitude, strategies and capabilities that you absolutely need to Stay Extraordinary & Show uP! Extraordinary in every aspect of your life! 


Finding & Closing The Right Opportunity, At The Right Time & At The Right Value is the “Difference that makes All The Difference”

Because when you evolve with ATC Intuition, A Charismatic Personality, and are empowered with the Art of Framing, you create opportunities and leverage out of thin air! Instead of fighting for your share of the proverbial yet finite pie, you end up multiplying the pie for everyone!

The 3 Core Capabilities you got to Develop

Every legend has this. Every Inventor whose work has been appreciated has this. Because closing important deals is what converts invention into a revolution. A discovery into an impactful and profitable business. If Google did not close that unlikely deal with an Indian investor 15 years ago, where would the world be...

1. Be Natural.
 Become the person for whom things happen naturally and easily. Are you a natural or trying to be natural?

2. Be Spontaneous.
Saying the right thing at the right time is worth more than a millions attempts later. 

3. Be Creative!
90% of situations that look like a lose-lose has the potential to turn into a win-win. Do you see it?

 Here's What You Get To Stay Extraordinary


One-on-One Consultation With EIS

Powered by A&H Predictive Intelligence, this High-Performance consultation with a seasoned Excellence Installation Specialist identifies Mindset Shifts & Capability Development necessary for you to Stay Extraordinary - and to identify and close the most significant deal of your life!


One-on-One Installations By EIS

Once the necessary capability gaps and mindset shifts are identified, A&H Expert would go ahead and “install” these changes in you. It’s completely Done-For-You and One-on-One. The Fastest-In-The-World Implementation helps you with Innate capability building & acceleration, just over a weekend!


Live With Antano & Harini

Live, Exclusive Event with the doyens of Personal Evolution, Antano & Harini. In this 2-Days Live Event, Antano & Harini evolves your excellence with Installations to PIVOT key areas of your life to Stay Extraordinary! And Show uP! Extraordinary in all aspects of your life!

Close The Deal Like A Pro!

One-on-one Consultation with EIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value ₹1,00,000)

One-on-one Installations by EIS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  (Value ₹50,000)
2 Day Live Event With Antano & Harini . . .. . . . . (Value 2,00,000)

Total Value: ₹3,50,000

Economy Booster Pricing for The Remaining 60 Slots:
  ₹28,000/- + GST

Can My Skills that helped create several Medical Miracles, become useful in helping you evolve Your Core Nature, bio-chemically...

I was 25 when I got the request from young IIT graduate who had become paralyzed neck down after a car crash in America. His email narrates that doctors have said, there is no possibility for him to recover those movements. But this man had heard a story from his friend of how a young man in India was turning around impossible situations. 

Not only did I help this man get back movements and help him get his full time job and fly back to America: I personally evolved to do things I couldn't do before. With the personal mentoring of Dr. John Grinder, the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Harini and I set forth to produces many such dramatic results with "Excellence Installation Technology". And one day when I was working with a passionate young genius, I realized the only thing she lacked was the way to close important deals and given our skills described above, it was a cakewalk to develop those capabilities for her. 

What if, extraordinary people closed Extraordinary Deals...

I have seen talented people go unnoticed and mediocre people closing all the good deals. The third kind is very rare, these are extraordinary people who close extraordinary deals, they are the people who excited me,

If all the Good People in the world got recognized, for their capabilities and the good that they do, the world would be such a different place. We don't want sleazy sales people to be great at closing deals, or that charismatic addicted neighbour down the street, but we want people who have a good heart and something valuable to offer to close great deals.

This is Why We Decided to bring Excellence Installation
 to enable

Extraordinary People: Stay & Show uP! Extraordinary!

The capabilities you need to develop and the limitations you may have to overcome are going to be unique to you. And Excellence Installation is all about that One-to-One personal impact in your innate nature.

This is why we MEET you one-on-one. Do Installation Procedures, one-on-one, on you for hours together to impact your conscious and the unconscious strategically, even before we meet you in a group setting for 2 Full Days.  You don't need to take notes, remember to do X steps, you walk in as yourself and come out as a new person with new capabilities ingrained in you. 

  • 1
    One to One Diagnostics: You will meet an Excellence Installation Specialist who has turned around several impossible situations in minutes. This person will identify the invisible speed-breaker for you to close deals. And will give you a list of limitations to fix and capabilities to develop.
  • 2
    One to One Installation: You will meet a specialist who is trained on  highly skilled procedures to fix the limitations and develop the capabilities that we identified in the previous step.
  • 3
    2 Day Excellence Installations: Antano & Harini the creators of Excellence Installation Technology will bring to you techniques that they have used with Billion Dollar Business Owners, Celebrities and Award Winning International Personalities to help you the right Close Deals and Evolve your Creativity, Spontaneity and Charisma.

What People Are Saying About Close the Deal Like a Pro!

CTD is too good that I am willing to spread it to the world.

Close the Deal with Antano has really helped me increase my sales and income. Post CTD I feel at ease and confident while closing deals. This is a new feel in me altogether! It’s allowing me to confidently close deals over phone calls and most importantly I am able know how to put across the payment related matters. Being able to close deals over phone calls and communicate the charges myself is saving a lot of my time. In a word, I am empowered. CTD is too good that I am willing to spread it to the world. Thanks to Antano and Harini for Excellence Installations. I am totally empowered.

Blossom Kochhar
- Pioneer of Aromatherapy and Founder of Aroma Magic

"I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales..."

"As soon as I came back from the Program, I doubled my business revenue and tripled my sales. Not only that, I was able to do all of this without any stress. In terms of personal relationships, a lot of relationships which I thought were beyond repair, I managed to fix them within a few minutes."

Nanda Kishore
- Director, Cir-Q-Tec

“... this will give us 10x growth..."

After Antano & Harini’s interventions, the changes that we made in the past 1 year in the systems & processes of the organisation is more than what we did in the past 6 years! For the first time, we realised that we were doing certain things like a status quo and we never questioned them. But when we started questioning them, we realised that we weren’t ready to deliver the numbers and volumes we wanted to deliver. So we made very significant changes in the set of mechanisms and systems that will enable our organisation to go to a different scale altogether. And these systems can be upscaled & upgraded without any major interventions and will give us 10x growth.

Deepak Bajaj
- Founder, Multipliers & Network Marketing Coach

With Close The Deal Like a Pro!, You Will Evolve to:

  • Explode your career growth… with more recognition, more money, better opportunities than ever.
  • Blissfully grow your relationships… as you transform supposedly “damaged” relationships in minutes/hours, improve your love life significantly and feel the connect and joy growing every day
  • Break the limiting emotions that have been crippling your happiness and growth and get them out of your life once and for all.
  • Identify your purpose and complete your rarity as you create a life deeply connected to the profound  reason of your existence.

This is what People say...

“My Communication has become very TARGETED"

Antano & Harini help Parents bring the best out of their children, as well as iron out relationship challenges in a way that they can now Get what they want, smoothly. This requires very specific Excellence Installations for mindset changes, belief changes as well as Capability Installations for getting profoundly different results. “Antano & Harini opened my eyes to some very fine fundamentals of human communication that everyone must know. I have been talking to my son, and I thought I communicated what I want, but after the program I discovered the gap was in my style of communication. I started listening, understanding and speaking to him in a way that makes him understand my intentions and he started responding so much better. And this spread into my office as well. I have a different way of communication with different people in my team, I just know what will click with whom”

Rajesh Abhichandani
- Founder Coach4Soch

“My Intuition is getting better Everyday..."

“I just can’t believe that I know so much. Ever since the experience with Antano & Harini, I am able to predict so much better what is going to work and what wouldn’t. And the best part my intuition about the decisions I make is getting better every day

neelima Chakra
- Assistant Director, Ernst & Young

Meet Your Mentors

Antano & Harini are the Co-Creators of the trillion dollars’ worth Excellence Installations industry.
As Legacy Accelerators and creators of the World’s Largest One-On-One Mentoring Platform, Antano & Harini identifies and develops Core Capabilities one needs to Launch a legacy and achieve in 2-3 years what would otherwise take 10-20 or more years.

With 50,000 breakthroughs & counting, Antano & Harini is the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more.

They are endorsed for their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr John Grinder and received the Award of Honour by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

So What Does is Take to Stay Extraordinary & Show uP Extraordinary?

Close The Deal Like a Pro! 
Live With Antano & Harini

See You Live On 16th & 17th March 2023 @ Nehru Centre, Mumbai

What if you don't have the Money?

Ajay came with a business that was making 120 Crores to Antano & Harini and within a year he made his business make 240 Crores. While this is an easy investment for Entrepreneurs of that league, what gets a person like Rajesh who lost his job to come to Antano & Harini is his sheer motivation from within to evolve and make a name for himself. 

99% of our customers don't have this problem but for the 1% who do, we suggest them to take a loan. Simply because this is the BEST investment in their life that will keep giving returns on returns. You, and your ability to connect, influence and make deals work is priceless. And there is no other event like this in the world. If you don't have money, then that is THE reason for you to COMMIT to this program immediately. 

What if, you don't believe you can change in 2 Days?

I agree with you people can't change their core even if they try very hard, unless...  (Watch this Video)

What if, you live in another city?

If you have to fly to Mumbai to collect an Award Cheque for 1 Million Dollar that you can deposit after a year, would you not take the action immediately, before the Award is given to someone else? This program is better than a Million Dollar. There are things you can't buy with money that you can with your personal presence and influence. Besides, a lot of our customers have gotten more than a Million Dollar increase, financially as well.

What if, you think it's someone else's job to Influence?

What about getting that someone else on board. What about Family? What about your Children? Learning to Influence Effectively is not just about closing business deals. And if you are a startup that is innovating something new, you better be the one Closing the Deal, even Steve Jobs got on the Stage to Promote iPhone. And Bill Gates flew all across the country to make a deal with IBM. What stops you?

The REAL COST of not developing closing skills

Here is a comparison between people who are natural, effective and consistent in closing important deals and those who are yet to master this art.

Pro with Ease

  • Have people in their life who make things work
  • Children who bond well,  understand and respect their point of view
  • Evolves the people around and holds them accountable to high standards
  • Has time and energy for fun, love, family, business.
  • The Charisma begins to ooze in every conversation.

Not a Pro

  • Does everything by self or by micro managing
  • Lack of respect and misunderstanding with children
  • Low expectations from people and gets adjusted to average response
  • Has low energy, is constantly drained and tired by working 10 times harder
  • Stops learning from day to day experience.

Close the "Deal like a Pro"
(We have fixed capacity for the event)

  • A one-on-one consultation with an Excellence Installation Specialist (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore).
  • A personalized strategic ATC list of capabilities to develop and limitations to overcome
  • A one-on-one Installation Procedure to work on any one aspect from the ATC list (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore)
  • 2 Days with Antano & Harini on Closing the Deal (Mumbai: 11th and 12 March 2019)
  • A final One-on-One review to the ATC list after 1 month of your actual life performance
  • A One-on-One Installation Procedure to multiply the gains in the previous month and to fix any recognized gaps

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