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"Antano & Harini, creators of the trillion-dollars’ industry of Excellence Installations & the World’s largest one-on-one mentoring platform, bring to you an unprecedented opportunity to experience up to 1000 inner transformations & breakthroughs. It is a special gift to our growing A&H Family, Community Members & their loved ones! Grab it today!"

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"Antano & Harini Changed My Life!"

Some of the Incredible, Permanent Excellence Installations-led breakthroughs by A&H

"The Legacy Life!"

"Conflicted between following my dreams or settling for a cushy job, A&H helped me achieve clarity on which path to pursue, further installing capabilities & mindsets instrumental in me creating a BIG Impact!" - Gowthami Ashok, Playback Singer

"180-Degree Shift"

"There has been a complete, 180-degree shift in my personality, thinking patterns and behaviour. It was truly fast-track and evolved the very core of my personality, naturally impacting each and every area of my life" - Pooja Khanna, Influencer

"Absolute Freedom!"

"For the first time in years, I felt all the anger & frustrations dissipate. I’m no longer biting my nail, mulling over what I should have said! This emotional freedom is a huge enabler to achieving anything in life" - Harsh Singh, Actor

Powerful TARGETED Breakthroughs 

 that Save LIFE YEARS..

Packing the impeccable power of scientifically-validated Excellence Installations to bring about deep, innate, instant & permanent breakthroughs

Are you ready to open your life uP to a Cascading Effect of Excellence?

Because you see, our lives are intricately interconnected! The shifts that we make, even in one aspect of our lives, have an indelible effect on every other aspect of our lives! 

And with A&H Breakthrough Challenge, we bring you the Evolutionary power of Excellence Installations to raise the bar of excellence on all the significant aspects of your life – Business/ Career, Relationships, Health, and Legacy (your Long-Term Impact). All Together. Simultaneously. 

“As You Sow, So You Reap” – of course, you have heard this common saying a thousand times. But what is it really about? Is it about the proverbial cycle of life? Karma? Maybe, maybe not! 

What if this age old adage has to do with the Quality of Decisions that you make in life! As everything is so delicately interwoven together, sowing the seeds of excellence, even in one aspect of your life, will have you reaping excellent results in no time! 

And isn’t the contrary also true? When hard-pressed with a challenge, a bottleneck – the limitation may feel New, Recent, as if it just happened! But stepping back and having a holistic view of things would reveal how the genesis of this problem was set in motion, perhaps a long time ago, perhaps a result of less-than optimal states in which we made certain decisions or arrived at certain conclusions about the world, people in our ecosystem, our own skills & capabilities, and more! 

Thus, whether 1 or 1000 – each Breakthrough that you experience during the A&H Breakthrough Challenge is going to be a composite of up to 1000 micro breakthroughs, all coming together like never-before, going deeper & deeper still and evolving you from the very core! 

Permanent Shifts that you experience at the A&H Breakthrough Challenge, evolves you from the very core! It packs up to 1,000 micro breakthroughs, in terms of your thinking, observations, beliefs, intuition, skills, strategies, and most importantly – your Innate Capabilities! 

As a result, you experience a cascading effect of excellence, blissfully flowing to each and every aspect of your life! The compounding impact of Excellence Installations continue to unfold in days, weeks, months and even years to come, thus making Excellence a lifestyle - A New & Evolved Way of Living for you!

"Thousands of people have SAVED Decades!"

See how Excellence Installations by A&H have made Impossible Results happen in Record Time

"One Life Many Legacies!"

"I am now running 6 different businesses together, some launched during the pandemic. I’ve started my biggest studio in the country and I’m constantly developing new ventures." - Tina Dharamsey

"Whole Life Integration!"

"Getting back the happiness and joy in My 17 years of Marriage, getting a promotion in the middle of the Pandemic, living life to the fullest with my family.." - Rushabh Gandhi

"Success on Auto-Pilot!"

"Power-packed and magnificent transformations in My personal life, marriage, parenting, and becoming a great leader at work. All this within just ONE YEAR" - Kapil Awasti

Here's Who This Works For

Driven Individuals or Even Otherwise, ONLY If You Commit to these 7 Days

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Team Leaders



Aspiring Artists

Early Adopters

Business Owners

Creative Mavericks

Business Leaders

Impact Creators

Sales Professionals


So Even If You Have Tried Everything Else and Still Didn't Get a Breakthrough...

This Challenge Is For You!

…If you feel it in your heart that you are just one step away from unlocking the greatness in life, you have landed upon the right place!

Here’s What You Will Get Through

The 7-Day A&H Breakthrough Challenge! 

  • Day1: Expanding Horizons & Overcoming Invisible Roadblocks!

    Priming up the neurology for you to create New Frontiers in life, while preempting and helping your overcome any invisible roadblocks

  • Sowing the seeds of excellence of grow & multiply in all aspects of your life 
  • Day 3: Superior Emotional Mastery!

    Arming you uP with Superior Capability of Emotional Mastery in the life context where you need it the most!
  • Day 4:

  • Day 5:
  • Day 6:
  • Day 7:

Power-packed content to ‘install’ excellence and upgrade unconscious strategies & mind patterns 

Innovative & fun activities to deepen the impact and orchestrate a series of personal breakthroughs

Live Calls, Activities, Daily Content For

Up To 1000 Breakthroughs

Experience the Power of the Cutting-edge Technology for Personal Evolution

Innate transformations that feel natural and safe, staying true to your rarity

Deeper & deeper still, beyond conscious awareness, working at the level of your unconscious patterning

Expanding your horizons of what’s possible. Taking you places you’ve never been before!

Here's what You Can Expect

Phase 1


Become aware of the breakthroughs that you need at this juncture in your life

Phase 2

Innate Shifts

Sit back & begin to experience the power of excellence installations

Phase 3


Welcome permanent breakthroughs across multiple contexts in your life

The "A&H Breakthrough Challenge" starts in


You missed out!

You will be joining a group of enthusiasts who are driven towards transforming their life , JUST LIKE YOU

"So What's The Catch?"

World-class mentors, a disruptive technology to fast-track personal evolution, bringing you up to 1000 breakthroughs, free of cost! Sounds too good to be true? If you are wondering what’s the catch, trust us, there isn’t one! Here’s why we are bringing you the A&H Breakthrough Challenge for free:

Reason 1: The world has suffered a lot, with the pandemic, economic depression, & war. It’s time for breakthroughs...

Reason 2: We crossed our first milestone in raising $150 million to accelerate the creation of 1 Million Excellence Installation Specialists around the world. And this is our way of Celebrating with you!  

Reason 3: Because we can and it will be life-changing for you! And we believe Evolving Excellence has to become a BIRTHRIGHT for every Human!

People Have gotten up to 1000 Breakthoughs

Now The Million Dollar Question Is...

Are You Next?

How much would you cherish getting a single breakthrough that alone saves years of your life?

What if you discover that one missing piece of the puzzle, which brings you closer to the life that you have always desired?

How valuable will it be for you when all these breakthroughs come together and begin to usher you on a new & empowering life trajectory?

Here's My 'You're Crazy' Guarantee:

In case you're one of those people who (like me) just skips to the end of the page,  here's the deal:

The “A&H Breakthrough Challenge” guarantees that you get at least a single significant breakthrough that you need at this juncture in your life. Through their proven & scientifically-backed methods called Excellence Installations, A&H have helped several people get over 1,000 personal breakthroughs. 

Antano & Harini have created this trillion-dollars’ Excellence Installations industry to change the trajectory of humans. Their disruptive technology gives people access to power-packed ways for fast-tracking personal evolution.

With 50,000+ unique & scientifically-validated breakthroughs, ‘Antano & Harini’ is the World’s Largest One-on-One Mentoring Platform. They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more. For their work in changing the Trajectory of Humans with their proprietary technology for human excellence, Antano & Harini received the “Award of Honour” from the Government of India, Ministry of Social Empowerment & Justice

For the first time now, A&H have packaged the impeccable power of Excellence Installations in a 7-Days Free Breakthrough Challenge. This is to celebrate achieving a significant first milestone in raising funds worth USD 150 million for taking Excellence Installations to new industries and spreading it across the globe. 

Instead of throwing a big splashy party, we’d like to celebrate achieving this significant milestone by enabling personal breakthroughs for our growing A&H Community Members and their loved ones. The world, anyway, has been through a lot, and we believe, it’s time for some breakthroughs, don’t you? 

To avail any of the wide gamut of personal evolution solutions at Antano & Harini, people otherwise pay anywhere between USD 2,000 to USD 58,000. But as part of spreading the cheer amongst our community, you can avail this challenge free of cost and give yourself the opportunity to experience up to 1,000 Breakthroughs. 

There are absolutely no gimmicks... involved in this! It is not a small snippet of a bigger program that we’ll try to hard-sell later! The “A&H Breakthrough Challenge” is complete on its own and stands tall at its own merit.

At Antano & Harini, we believe that Evolving Excellence has to be a Birthright for everyone! And if you feel that too, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW!

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