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"Become Installation Genius

be a Game-Changer in Your Industry, an Outlier in your Business and Create B!G World Impact, Starting with your own Family!

Even if You Haven't Thought of It Before"

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*Become Installation Genius Masterclass - A Four Part Module For Becoming an Outlier in Your Industry

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Go ahead and give us your best details and we will share with you the Gateway to Access the Masterclass. You’ll be able to access each of your modules on the same page; each of the modules will be released one after another, from 22nd Nov to 1st Dec

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Remember, it’s a journey!
We have planned the release of each module in a way that there’s ample time for you to learn & assimilate and get started immediately in the direction of Creating the B!G Impact that you’ve always aspired to create in the world!

You Impact

Crafted with utmost care for aspiring B!G Impact Creators; as you complete all the 4 modules of this Masterclass, you will automatically, naturally & comfortably start connecting the dots & creating significant changes - in your life, and in the life of other

What Will You Learn in this Masterclass...

  • The quickest, easiest and safest path to Create B!G IMPACT — even if it feels too ambitious and difficult right now
  • How to use Installations conversationally to change decade-old mindsets and patterns in minutes… and thereby becoming the Influential Genius around whom people, families and ecosystems blossom naturally.
  • What are the different ways in which you can do Installations? Be it one-on-one or in a group so that you are not just creating a temporary feel-good factor but you are able to create a real transformation that lasts and grows.
  • How to Grow and Evolve in your Business, Health, Family, Relationships and Legacy without compromising LIFE.
  • Learn what it takes to turn around impossible situations in Business, family and health even for people from industries and fields completely different from your own.
  • Learn the superior capabilities to become an irreplaceable leader, solving critical industry challenges and building high-performing teams, communities and ecosystems to take your solutions down to the grassroots.
  • How to precisely map future consequences across various aspects and make decisions today that will put you on a definitive and accelerated path to success.
  • Over 20 video case studies, so you can see how Excellence Installations works in the “real world” — in many diverse contexts - Industry Leaders, Investors, Entrepreneurs, CXOs, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Mentors, Coaches, Trainers, Educationists, Artists and Parents

*Available For A Limited Time Only

"Becoming Installation Genius

is your Accelerated and Definitive Pathway to living a fulfilled life and Creating a Unique Impact in the World That Only You Can"

*Available For A Limited Time Only

Antano & Harini

Creators of Trillion Dollar's Worth Excellence Installation Technology:
They are endorsed for their experience and understanding of human excellence by the co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Dr John Grinder and received the Award of Honour by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Life Impact upto 9,40,434 People & Counting: With 50,000 breakthroughs & counting, Antano & Harini is the largest one-on-one mentoring platform in the world. 

The #1 Go To Industry Expert for Impossible Breakthroughs: They have worked with legends including Academy & Grammy Award winners, Padma Bhushan awardees, international-level athletes, Billion Dollar Business Owners, Investors, Actors, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Top Executives from the Fortune 500 and more.

Thank you, your work shows.
(In the context of Sunshine Orchestra)

A.R Rahman


Antano & Harini are distinct in many ways, they are unabashed to demonstrate their passion for excellence. Fortunately, this passion is founded on extensive field experience and a wide range of applications.

John Grinder


No matter where you are, and how varied the need may be, A&H have always precisely nailed the unexpected.

Sudha Ragunathan


Since 2011, our members of the Become Installation Genius (B!G) program have achieved several decades of outcomes within 2-3 years thereby getting to the TOP 1% of their industry and creating B!G WORLD IMPACT. Simply put, Become Installation Genius rapidly evolves you to Accelerate Your Success, Launch Your Legacy and Create B!G Impact starting with your own family.

*Available For A Limited Time Only

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