Step into the future, with

B!G Continuity

Your Access to Limitless Evolution

Extend Your B!G Membership by 2 More Years

Total Value: ₹25,00,000

One-Time Never-Before Never-Again Offer:
at Just  ₹2,00,000/- + GST

The extension starts after your current B!G membership gets over

The Future Belongs to the Evolutionary. Are you Ready ?

From the house of Antano & Harini, comes the most intimate and special offering. Come and be part of B!G Continuity, where your deep desire to impact the world in your unique way, amalgamates with the Predictive Intelligence of the world’s leading Installation Artists, Antano & Harini. 

Are you ready? Then…

Join the League of Pioneers - Create Real Change in the World!

WHAT IS B!G Continuity?

It’s Your Path to the Ultimate Greatness

Life isn't just about living; it's about thriving. It's about having the right mentors by your side, the right tools to navigate a rapidly changing world. Without these, pivoting becomes a daunting task. In an era where Artificial Intelligence is a potential contender, where staying relevant is the name of the game, the imperative to evolve has never been clearer.

What you do is irreplaceable, but here's the hard truth: if you don't evolve, someone else will fill your shoes. B!G Continuity empowers you with the Predictive Intelligence needed for constant, seamless pivoting. Evolution isn't a destination anymore; it's a lifestyle.

Seize Your Moment: Why B!G Continuity Now?

Antano & Harini, pioneers in the field, have meticulously crafted the A&H ecosystem. They've compressed timeframes, developed mentoring models, and accelerated success. As our community flourishes, a pivotal moment emerges. An invitation to extend your B!G Continuity, not as a hefty investment, but as a pledge to lifelong growth. An invitation to pioneer change in industries driven by EIT-enabled innovations.

As a B!G Continuity member, you'll bask in the preferred front-row seating among 2k-5k peers, get exclusive access to tailored learning modules on the EiFlix platform, exclusive playlists, and an enticing 20% discount on all future A&H purchases. You're an Early Adopter, a driving force in our rapid growth. Your commitment enhances and maximises every facet of your life.

Unlock the Privileges of Innermost Mastery

Your 1000X Opportunity

Imagine if you'd invested in Apple 20 years ago. The ripple effect on your entire financial landscape would be immeasurable. The B!G Continuity offers the same potential for exponential growth, not just for your investment with us, but for every facet of your life. And the best part? For the next 4 days, you have the exclusive chance to secure your spot at a significantly discounted rate. But hurry, only the first 50 Early Adopters will enjoy this unique opportunity before the price Changes.

You invest in gadgets, wardrobes, and fleeting choices that elevate your lifestyle. But here's the kicker: what if a mere 10% of that investment could transform and elevate all aspects of your life by 1000X? Invest in securing your tomorrow, cementing in your Future, led with Predictive Intelligence. 

B!G Continuity

Your Access to Limitless Evolution

Extend Your B!G Membership for 2 More Years at just 2 Lakh

Total Value: ₹25,00,000

One-Time Never-Before Never-Again Offer:
at Just  ₹2,00,000/- + GST

Are you Ready for A Future that’s EIT-Enabled!

In a world driven by aspirations, where innovation defines progress, stands the Pinnacle of Human Evolution - Excellence Installation Technology. 

There is a revolution coming - can you see it, yet? Can you sense the seismic shifts in the way the world has functioned thus far? 

At the helm of this brand new world, is EIT-Enablement! Where industries reshape, leadership ascends, and capabilities accelerate. 

The advent of electricity or much like the paradigm-shifting IT revolution, the world becoming EIT-Enabled is not just an ambition; it's an inevitable tide sweeping across all industries and sectors, transforming them at their core. 

While others chase trends, you'll be sculpting your destiny, amplifying every aspect of your life.

B!G Continuity - is the perfect fit for you, if…

  • You know deep in your heart that your dreams, ambitions and aspirations shatter the confines of any limit

  • You burn with a pulsating desire to to become a role model, a leader, a natural born authority figure of Excellence for future generations
  • You are driven to continually weave the Magic of EIT in your field and emerge as an EIT-Enabled Outlier
  • You want to be at the forefront of change, a radical enigma and continuously evolve so that you are ageless
  • You wish to make your life as well as your ecosystem infinitely more happier, and always be equipped to handle the changing circumstances 

  • You aspire to join hands with Antano & Harini and launch multiple EIT-Incubated businesses and innovations 

  • You wish to unite together with a like-minded tribe of visionaries like you who are spread across different facets of life, on producing impossible outcomes and spearheading the pinnacle of Excellence for Humankind
  • You are somebody who wishes to reach the Tipping Point fast and continue to Pivot even faster!  

OR If you are somebody who detests mediocrity and would never want to “settle for less” in life! If you have a raving appetite for Personal Evolution, this is your tribe, your sanctuary, a place where you belong!

B!G Continuity

Your Access to Limitless Evolution

Extend Your B!G Membership for 2 More Years at just 2 Lakh

Total Value: ₹25,00,000

One-Time Never-Before Never-Again Offer:
at Just  ₹2,00,000/- + GST

What Will You Get With B!G Continuity

2 Years of B!G worth 25,00,000/- at just 2 Lakh 

Unlimited Access to the uP! Events

Secure your unlimited access to The Carnival of Personal Evolution - uP! with Antano & Harini for additional 2 years, by extending your B!G Continuity. Potent with real-life inspirations, capability building & acceleration, uP! with Antano & Harini is where the magic truly happens! 

Preferred Seating

Getting bigger, bolder, better, the A&H Community continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Imagine stadiums full of Driven Individuals gathered together to compress time & accelerate their Personal Excellence. And at the heart of this gathering is You, nestled closest to the Centre Stage, filling up front rows, being uP Close & Personal with your mentors, Antano & Harini!
Secure your Preferred Seating with B!G Continuity, today.

Extended subscription to EiFLIX

Whether in the mood for casual browsing or wanting to actively learn and acquire mastery on Evolving Humans, EiFLIX is the revolution. As part of your B!G Continuity, you get free access to this phenomenon to continue to actively grow and evolve, remotely be able to model and add more layers of excellence and nuances to your mastery! 

A&H Online Learning Academy

Gain depth. Gain mastery. Disrupt the status quo & rewrite the rules of the game! Get complete access to the online Learning Academy by Antano & Harini – to continue to grow & evolve and raise the bar of excellence! 

CTD Live In-Person Event Access

Rare & Magical, CTD LIVE with Antano & Harini is one of the most anticipated events. Every B!G Continuity member is welcome wholeheartedly to CTD LIVE, whether it’s part of your existing package or not. 

Monthly In-Person mentoring opportunities

Aspiring Impact Creators become B!G Impact Creators, in less than 2 years. And a pivotal contributor to this incredible time-compression is their access to monthly Mentoring Opportunities. Extend your B!G Continuity today, to continue your access to incredible monthly mentoring opportunities. 

Access to Mega Consultation Events for B!G Education

Futuristic, fast-paced, and brimming with Predictive Intelligence across all contexts of life, Mega Consultation events is the nucleus for any B!G Impact Creator to massively accelerate their Predictive Intelligence & Installation Skills, amongst other Superior Capabilities of World Leaders!
B!G Participants secure 2 additional years of access to Mega Consultation events for your B!G Education, by extending your B!G Continuity today.

B!G Accelerator Events

Delving deeper and deeper still into Predictive Intelligence and Installation skills, in-person B!G Accelerator events pack in massive capability acceleration for B!G Impact Creators. B!G Continuity members will get extended access to all B!G Accelerator Events, receiving world-class mentoring and incredible opportunities to shift the trajectory of life humans.

Special Offer on all Future Purchases

As Team Antano & Harini continue to ride the wave of innovation and solve real-world problems, there are going to be new & exciting cutting-edge product launches, new solutions in the world of Personal Evolution! 

All B!G Continuity members get 20% off on all New Launches from the house of Antano & Harini.

Get to the Pinnacle of Predictive Intelligence and craft your journey as a Visionary Pioneer

Step into a realm of unparalleled evolution, where potential becomes boundless and Predictive Intelligence thrives. A&H INNER CIRCLE isn't just an association; it's an invitation to shape your legacy amidst a close & intimate circle of future pioneers & visionaries.

  1. 1
    Unlimited Access to uP! Events: Immerse in the carnival of personal evolution, where real-life inspiration and rapid capabilities building & acceleration intertwine. At uP! with Antano & Harini, magic unfolds, and your truest potential becomes reality.
  2. 2
    Preferred Seating: At the heart of our growing community, claim the front-row seat to innovation, uP Close & Personal with Antano & Harini. Your access isn't just about sightlines; it's about your commitment to cultivating a mindset of predictive intelligence, guided by the world's leading mentors.
  3. 3
    Extended EiFLIX Subscription: Delve into the revolution of evolving humans remotely, layering excellence at your fingertips. With A&H INNER CIRCLE, you're not just consuming content; you're crafting your predictive intelligence, getting ready to expand horizons for yourself and the world!
  4. 4
    A&H Learning Modules: Elevate your mastery through online learning, disrupting norms, and rewriting excellence. This is more than education; it's an intimate journey of becoming a harbinger of change.
  5. 5
    Exclusive Offers on New Launches: Stay ahead with 20% off on cutting-edge solutions by Antano & Harini. Your role goes beyond utilising products; you're becoming part of a movement that propels predictive intelligence to new dimensions.
  6. 6
    Weekly Letters from Antano: Personalised insights guide your Predictive Intelligence journey, unlocking new perspectives. These letters aren't just messages; they're whispers from Antano’s Genius-In-Action, guiding you towards a future of boundless potential.
  7. 7
    Access to CTD LIVE: Embrace the high-energy & transcendental magic at CTD LIVE, where you continue to pivot, identify & close life-changing & mission-critical deals. Secure your invitations to CTD LIVE, by becoming an A&H INNER CIRCLE member today!
  8. 8
    Conversational Programming Mastery: Amplify your impact through conversations that reshape mindsets and possibilities. With A&H INNER CIRCLE, you extend your participation to Advanced levels of Conversation Programming Mastery, becoming an influential leader and a catalyst for REAL CHANGE in the world!
  9. 9
    Monthly Mentoring for B!G Participants: Aspiring to be a B!G Impact Creator? Access accelerated mentoring opportunities. This isn't just monthly guidance; it's a nurturing relationship that fuels your Predictive Intelligence, Installation Skills & Personal Evolution.
  10. 10
    Mega Consultation & B!G Accelerator Events Access: Secure exclusive access to events that supercharge your trajectory and enables you to shift the life trajectories of others.

With B!G Continuity, you're not just joining; you're creating your evolution, propelling yourself into the echelons of those who dare to pioneer, evolve, and lead the EIT revolution. This is the one investment you make that will 1000X all of your other investments on lifestyle upgrades!


1. If I have a current A&H plan, when does my A&H Inner Circle membership begin?

Your A&H INNER CIRCLE membership commences right after your current package concludes. For instance, if your package ends today, your A&H INNER CIRCLE membership will extend for two additional years. If your package concludes in three months, your membership will be valid for three months plus two years from the package expiration date.

2. Why do I need A&H Inner Circle now if my package is expiring next year?

As an esteemed early adopter of EIT, A&H Inner Circle is currently available at an exclusive launch price of 1 lakh for a limited period. The regular retail price is INR 5 lakhs + GST. This is your golden opportunity to save significantly on a substantial lifestyle upgrade. By seizing this chance, you're setting the stage for a 100X return on every other investment you make.

3. Will I receive A&H or EIS Fellowship Consultations as part of A&H Inner Circle?

No, A&H INNER CIRCLE does not include A&H or EIS Fellowship Consultations. However, as an A&H INNER CIRCLE member, you gain access to purchase additional A&H or Legacy Consultations at a philanthropic pricing. After your Antano & Harini package concludes, these consultations will be available to you at the retail price.