Welcome To How To Become Installation Genius Masterclass

During the next few days you will know what are the capabilities of Gamechangers and Impact Creators and how you can also get to the TOP 1% of your Industry.

For you to “Create B!G Impact” that only you can, this How to Become Installation Genius Masterclass is the best way to get instant momentum and build from there.

So here is how this is going to work….

We're going to have 4 Masterclass Sessions:

  • Lesson 1: Wednesday, Nov. 22nd at 7pm IST
  • Lesson 2: Sunday, Nov. 26th at 7pm IST
  • Lesson 3: Wednesday, Nov. 29th at 7pm IST
  • Lesson 4: Wednesday, Dec. 6th at 7pm IST

NOTE: They are four DIFFERENT lessons that build on each other.

These 3 initial Lessons will create a foundation by building the mindsets required to do installations, teach you some fascinating ways in which Installations can be done and also show you Installations in ACTION.

Then the fourth Lesson will bring all of this together. You will be diving deep and have the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned to set yourself on the journey of becoming an IMPACT CREATOR!!

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