Antano Solar John,


Eve did this in the garden of Eden, eating the apple of knowledge - A capability without the wisdom to handle it.

And now, Mankind is doing the same thing with LONGEVITY. The scriptures say, men used to live for a thousand years, and then God reduced it to a hundred. Billionaires and scientists want to find a way to live longer than 200 Years. And we may be very close. But will it make them happier or devastated? There is an ancient prophecy in the scriptures, that a time will come, when people will search for death but they won’t get it. Does it not make us more responsible of how we use that technology?

With nano technology, augmented reality, invasive neuro-tech and artificial intelligence, we may just be at that brink where we have a choice to use our innovations towards a happier world.


 Twenty years from now, if someone wants to stop stammering, or even overcome a tragic separation - there will be an implant available to AUGMENT that capability. But I would like the world to have a better choice - that they have access to Excellence Installation Specialists, who can help CREATE these capabilities using the natural and organic capabilities packed within our neurology that can be activated, conditioned in minutes.

Excellence Installations - is an Intuition Based framework to increase the Predictive Intelligence, that helps people optimise their capabilities for integrated outcomes without compromising one for the other. Conventionally people call this ‘Wisdom’. A combination of genius traits, context specific unconscious strategies and superior capabilities like systematic thinking, spontaneous perceptual positioning and several others, enhance a person’s ability to PREDICT. This prediction is not like Astrology or Tarot card reading that tries in vain to predict outcomes or events.

Instead, Predictive Intelligence, predicts - the BEST and SHORTEST (in years) decisions, capabilities and contexts to achieve certain inter-connected outcomes in an individual, family, organisation and society. Given that we NOW have the technology to develop any innate capability for any individual (without invasive neuro-tech), it is TIME to make access to Strategic Personal Evolution accessible to every individual. Maybe, we will succeed in delaying or even stopping the eventuality of humankind electing invasive neuro-tech for upgrading their capabilities and maintaining an edge. 

In this blog, you will find ALL the stuff I have put my attention in my journey over the last 20 years - from the time I was a tech hacker, to being the Chief Technology Officer, to turning around impossible situations for people using Neuro Linguistic Programming, to building one of the largest one-on-one personal evolution community in the world, including some of the things I had to learn, pivot and experience in building the business that is riveted to taking Excellence Installation to the 8 Billion People in the world. 

 These are the 3 Things I Believe for the World

  • To collaborate on Non-Invasive Neuro Tech and bring ACCELERATION to the Excellence Installation Vision.
  • Disrupt an Industry - that is begging for a change. A space where Personal Evolution is a superior alternative to the current solution.
  • You want me to talk about the Science of Personal Evolution to a group of audience

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